Results and Recommendations

Highest score in A category

Air is your best matched Elemental Birthing Ally. You tend to be highly creative, psychic, and childlike. Your gifts are with the subtle energies and connecting to the cosmic forces greater than you. You may receive visions and dreams that connect you to your baby on the other side. You value your spiritual connection and sense that your baby is of the angelic realm and coming to earth to do important work for your lineage in the subtle realms. You would greatly benefit from connecting to the air ritually as often as possible during your pregnancy. Imagine climbing up a hill or mountain or sitting by the ocean on a windy day and feeling the air move and blow around you. Watching the trees dance gently in the breeze through your window or even watching the way birds glide through your yard as they move through the air. Taking time to connect to this element will strengthen your relationship and support you when you are challenged. Consider bringing feathers to your altar, practicing breath work daily, and journaling your visions and dreams to honor this relationship you have to the Air Element. When you are having a hard moment or feeling challenged remember to connect to your natural breath to help you remain present. If you feel overwhelmed by the busyness of life or the chaotic energies of others around you, take a moment to leave the situation, even for a moment and tend to yourself. You will greatly benefit from time alone, praying and connecting to something greater than yourself. Consider working with affirmations around safety in the body such as “ I am safe and secure” or working with anchoring on the earth plane while still being connected to source such as “I am grounded as I connect to the cosmos”.
You can return to balance by bringing your connection to all that is into the earth plane. Visualize the earth as the heaven realm itself and feel your angelic presence as your mission here on earth. Call on your unseen guides and support to keep you grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Contemplate roots of trees, build an altar at the base of a tree to receive support and guidance. Consider planting a tree over your placenta, or if possible planting a garden during your pregnancy with foods that will nourish you during your postpartum time. The earth can help balance the Air and harness its magic in your physical reality.
As an Air mother, you will greatly benefit from connecting to your baby during pregnancy to build the bond that you will nourish through prayer, meditation and art. Draw pictures of your impressions of this incoming spirit to get to know them before they arrive. Practice talking to your inner child internally and templating the spirit with safety in the body and groundedness on the earth. Once your baby is earth side, practice baby wearing and holding your baby constantly as a way to connect to the earth plane. The weight of your baby in your uterus and later in your arms can become a medicine to literally ground you into our body and communicate to them your physical presence anchoring them into their new life. If you have a devotional practice as a way of connecting to spirit, be sure to stay committed to that as a self care ritual and if not consider creating one.

Highest Score in B category

Water is your best matched Elemental Birth Ally. You tend to be very nurturing, sensitive, and caring. Your gifts are in the realms of caretaking, you are already a mother to your friends and family and will make a natural mother to your new baby. You feel and care so much and can be empathic with others wanting to help support and uplift those around you who are in need. You love to connect with others and value your ability to provide a helping hand or a sympathetic ear when you feel that someone is suffering. You can feel that this baby is a healing ambassador in your lineage coming to the earth to break a long line of pain and suffering. You would greatly benefit from creating rituals to connect with the Water Element during your pregnancy and hopefully use that connection during labor and birth. Imagine creating a weekly sacred bathing ritual, using flowers, candles, and music to connect to yourself. Even a smaller foot-bath with a little basin set up in the ceremonial context could fill this need. If you have access and want, consider visiting a creek, river, lake or the ocean to make offerings to the water such as flowers, tobacco, or stones infused with your intentions and gratitude. Consider adding a vessel that can hold water on your altar and replenishing and connecting to that water often to develop this relationship.
When you are having a hard moment or challenged, try to redirect your caretaking towards yourself. What would you give to someone in your own situation if you were supporting them though this challenge. Perhaps a simple moment of listening to your own needs and making a step to prioritize your self care can help resolve the challenge. Maybe you need a good cry or to call a friend and ask them to listen to you without offering any advice. Consider working with affirmations around providing yourself with presence “ I am present and here for you” or around worthiness of receiving “ I am worthy to receive my own love”.
You can help to build balance in your life by working with structure and organization in your inner and outer space. Perhaps you are good at cooking, cleaning, or decorating. Imagine that you are doing that on an inner level when things start to feel very unstable. Try decorating or cleaning your bedroom as a way of tending to your inner landscape which may just need your presence and attention. If you enjoy cooking, prep yourself a favorite meal and receive that gift from yourself on the deepest level of deserving. Contemplate a crystal or stone and take time to sit and look at it or hold it in your hand and put in on your altar as a representation of solid ground and structure.
As a water mother, you will greatly benefit from connecting to your baby through your emotions felt during your pregnancy. Learn how to listen to your specific emotions as messengers from the deeper realms about how you could more strongly show up for yourself to be a better resourced care taker to your child. The feelings and emotions that can sometimes feel like too much, needy, or annoying are the direct teachers of what it will be like to show up for another being in complete service and learning to develop your inner caretaker to yourself will prove an amazing resource for mothering your new little one. If you have a form of expressive art that helps provide a space for the depth of your feeling such as performance, music, art therapy or writing, commit to these practices in pregnancy to better engrain them for when you are a new mother.

Highest score in C category

Earth is your best matched Elemental Birth Ally. You tend to be very active, strong, and dependable. Your gifts are in the realm of facing challenges head on, overcoming obstacles, and being that stable force of grounding in your life and for the ones you love. You connect deeply to this physical plane, to your body and to the Earth. You may love plants, nature, and gardening or perhaps be an amazing athlete or mountaineer. You are solid as a rock and everyone around you feels that you are loyal and someone they can go to to feel more calm and still. You can feel that this baby is very active and already making their presence known through plenty of movement. You may feel their physical presence is strong even in utero and that you have a strong sense of their personality and character earlier in the pregnancy. They are ambassadors of strength coming into your lineage to anchor real support for building new ways of living for the future generations. You would greatly benefit from dedicating time to develop a routine around connecting to the Earth. You can go into nature and sit or lay on the ground or connect your body as a means of connecting to the earth. Consider prenatal yoga, guided relaxation exercises, and regular walks or exercise as a way of remaining active and keeping your energy moving. Find stones and other earth treasures such as leaves, mosses, mushrooms, and sticks to put on your altar that remind you of your relationship to this element. Build a garden, outdoor altar, or a simple piece of temporary art outside that you can visit and make offerings of foods and flowers to as you nurture this relationship to Earth.
When you are having a hard moment or challenge, consider orienting to the body to see where you are blocked or holding and try to find practices to infuse your attitude towards yourself with kindness, gentleness, and spaciousness. Try moving the body, getting your heart rate up or doing breath work to get through resistance, or feeling stuck or stagnant. Take space for yourself and feel permission to make boundaries with those around you to tend to your self care. Sometimes just having some time to brood, accepting your depression, and allowing the stuck feeling will feel like enough to get things moving instead of resisting it. Think of how you would treat a helpless injured animal or even your own baby when trying to approach your attitude towards yourself. Consider working with self acceptance and allowance of whatever you are feeling. Simple affirmations like “I am free to… sad, want space, need to be right” can create enough spaciousness to move out of the shadow. Try positive affirmations such as “I am self love” or “I am gentle” to reprogram inner blockages. To repattern your system for balance, try working with flexibility, movement and flow. Practices such as dancing, yoga, walking meditation, swimming, and running can help you move out of blockage. If you feel depressed, commit to integrating a walk in nature once a day to keep things moving internally. If you notice a lot of internal conversation from the inner critic, simply thank that voice for its observations and see if you can go towards the water element to bring more flow into your moment, a shower, sitting by a body of water, or even doing some dishes can shift the energy.
As an Earth mother, you will greatly benefit from shifting your perspective of the body as a messenger to take you deeper into your experience. Imagine your body as the Earth mother herself and imagine ways you like to connect to the earth. Find simple ways of honoring your body and the earth throughout your pregnancy to more deeply connect to the spirit within. If you have some type of devotion practice to your body such as ritual baths, massage, sexual expression, or dance, commit to integrating these more frequently into your schedule. Consider plenty of time alone and in nature to hear your divinity speaking through the earth. When you feel your baby move, awaken the voice of your inner child, what does this little one want and need to feel listened to and loved. As a new mother, respect the wishes of your body and be sure to rest and respond as needed. You deserve to take it easy and be comfortable in your body at all times, your baby will feel this in your system as you prioritize self care. Remember that your body is always imprinting the baby’s body with a living template for comfort and safety, you are the example and how you treat yourself is an aspect of the child’s conditioning.

Highest Score in D category

Fire is your best matched Elemental Birth Ally. You tend to be very powerful, intelligent, and energetic. Your
gifts are in the realm of moving, evaluating, and commanding energy in the world. You are a true warrior and take things on with great courage and even a sense of adventure. You are independent, fierce, and even intense as you see what you want and make things happen towards your goals. You are a leader, a teacher, and someone that others look to for inspiration, especially during challenges. You are deeply connected to this baby as carrying the same spark of the divine that you feel pulsing sparks in your heart. You have always done things with great autonomy and you have never been this close to another being as you are now with your baby growing within you. You are confident that this little one is carrying the keys of deep compassion for your lineage, embodying to create great change with their love and passion for life.
You would greatly benefit from devoting time to sit with the medicine of fire and contemplate its brilliance as a force of destruction, transformation, and rebirth. Find a special candle to bring to your altar and gaze at the flame while you reflect on your innate connection to this element. Perhaps you have access to tending a fire either outdoors in a safe space or even a fire place or wood burning stove inside. When you work with fire, watch the colors in the flames, notice how air plays with the effect of the light on the coals, and even how in order to get a fire started there are certain alignments with its creation that must be in place such as proper air flow, fuel for combustion and enough heat. Focus on the power of change in your life and feel how you yourself have catalyzed change and movement in your own sphere of influence. Reflect on your relationships and any stories you may hold that are hard to let go of involving others. Make space to seek clarity and journal about places where your heart hardens and you spin in your head, creating stories of separation. Light up some incense or a coal to burn resins and plant material for smudging as you explore any places where your heart has been broken. When you are fired up, feeling angry, resentful or justified, take space to breathe and discharge your energy. Consider drumming, dancing, writing, or strenuous exercise to channel your big emotions. Try not to waste your energy arguing during your pregnancy whether internally or externally. If you notice yourself writing long winded stories in your mind about how someone wronged you, take a deep breath and return to your heart, allow yourself to feel the emotions underneath the stories, the sadness, loneliness, or mistrust. Try working with affirmations such as “I am trust” or “I open my heart to my experience.” If you keep looping in stories, write down all the details in a journal to expel the pattern and then when it arises again internally, ask if there is anything new to add and thank the story for its concern. If you need to, write a letter to the person in the story and burn it as a way of transmutations the anger.
To awaken your system for balance, consider going to the stones and earth that can absorb and even put out the fire that burns so hot inside you. Walk barefoot on the earth, be cooled by lying down on the earths cool surface or even hold a stone in your hand and then give it back to the earth when you are done. If you can try to find a stillness exercise, like meditation, or a centering exercise that teaches gentleness like chi gong or tai chi, this can help to soothe your fiery soul. Seek out grounding and surround yourself with people who can stay calm and centered during your pregnancy. If you like art, try doing pottery on a wheel or even just working with the cool clay in your hands.
As a Fire Mother, you will greatly benefit from asking for help from others and admitting your weaknesses to seek out support. You will tend to think you can do it all and then some, this is true but not sustainable. You will do your baby a favor to slow down and savor the pacing of breastfeeding, resting, and the yin nature of fresh motherhood. Call on your partner and family to cook, clean, and nourish you and the baby as much as possible and relish in the delight of being cared for. Feel your heart opening when you meet your baby and take in this energy as a medicine to fuel your opening and softening to this new spirit. Feel the spiritual essence of yourself as a creator of life and the power of your story birthing this being into form. Feel how the suffering and pain of all your ancestors connects you to the human experience and allow it to inspire your life and parenting. No one escapes the fires of life’s experiences, you are directly connected to this source and completely supported and uplifted by it. Allow this new relationship to your child to be a blank slate of what relationship can be like for you, infuse it with your understanding, patience, forgiveness, and trust and as a spiritual rebirth.

Highest Score in E category

Crystal is your best matched Elemental Birth Ally. You are very structured, organized, and pragmatic. Your gifts are in the realms of creating beauty, having a refined eye for symmetry, design, and balance, and you breathe this into anything that you focus your attention on. You are truly committed to high quality and the essence of pleasure, your standards create greatness in all that you produce. Others appreciate you for your vision in how immaculate you keep your space to how beautiful you imagine your future and the way you live towards that goal. You see this child as a mark of the divine and hold a vision for the purity of this spirit to receive only the best as a carrier of your lineage. This baby has always been part of your vision and you know the essence of this child from visions you have always held in your minds eye.
You would greatly benefit from connecting to the Crystal Element through observation and contemplation of the structure and organization of a crystal. If you don’t own any crystals, that’s ok, you can even look up pictures of them online or in a book from the library. Observe how beautiful and organized they are as well as the variation of colors and textures they exhibit. Perhaps you can put one on your altar or a picture of one to connect yourself to the essence of mineral. If you look at natures way of organizing you can see the patterns and beauty all around you, a shell, the pattern of how the branches of a tree spiral around the center, the stars in the sky, even the way icicles and snowflakes form. This is the divine nature alive in you and evident in your reflection to nature as a living force. This artful vision for what you create lends itself to greatness but be careful not to get caught up in the perfection of what you think you see. If you look closer to these natural structures of divine organization, you will notice chaos also contributes to the beauty of the pattern. The mind can strive for but never attain the perfection you are seeking, allow yourself to make mistakes and be human in your processes. Try freeing up the mind by making up your own songs, dancing with a blindfold, or drawing with your non-dominant hand. It’s ok to make mistakes, this is actually how you learn and grow.
When you are present with yourself, you may notice moments where you feel confused about why things aren’t going the way you thought they should. These are the moments when you might notice if you are seeking approval, people pleasing or losing yourself. What helps you ground yourself and sense your existence? Try rooting down into the body and noticing how you are breathing, holding your posture or how your mind is using its energy. As you move through your experience notice areas where more flexibility, improvisation, or playfulness could lighten your mood. Also feel how your attachments to others opinions may be exhausting your resources. Consider working with affirmations of approval such as “I am good” or “I am lovable” especially when you find that are seeking that external validation. To bring balance into your system, consider working with water.
As a Crystal Mother, you are excellent at imagining and instilling your brilliant ideals into how to create a beautiful container for a new baby in your home space, including designing a nurturing baby’s room. You are on your game and enjoy the structure of executing nursing and sleep schedules to help you and your baby thrive postpartum. You have high standards for acquiring only the best baby gear and making sure it is eco friendly. Your precise vision for how you want to mother will help guide you in your choices but be careful to allow for spontaneity and flow, especially in how you allow your partner to show up in their role as parent. Remember there are always several ways of doing one thing and however dialed in your methodology seems to you, it is helpful to allow others to get to a desired outcome in their own way. Allow idealism to guide you towards your goals but not to get the best of you as parenting is a lesson in surrender. By integrating the Water Element into your daily self care, you can learn to be flexible, yielding and more receptive. Consider bathing with babe to bring a sweet playful and cleansing ritual to your interactions together.