Elemental Birth Rites Practitioner Training 2022

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9 Month Elemental Birth Rites Practitioner Training- Begins January-October 2023

Greetings Keepers of the Sacred Birthing Rites,
  • Have you been attending births and feeling frustrated by unwanted outcomes ?
  • Are you feeling like there must be more you could offer to support couples in getting spiritually prepared for the potency of birth as a sacred rite of passage?
  • Have you been offering what you learned from your doula or midwifery education and feeling like there’s something missing from your client care?
  • Do you feel that you are a medicine woman being called to be in service to the liminal spaces but don’t know how to structure your call to be in service and need help clarifying your offering?
  • Are you currently enrolled in another birth attendant program and want to infuse your practice with a more holistic approach to supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum?

This is the call to deepen your gifts as a medicine woman, claim your authentic call to service, and rewrite the cultural narratives of the over medicalized birth paradigm in our country!

I am honored to offer this online training to those of you who are feeling the call in your soul to join a like minded community of wise women who feel that it is our mission to change women’s health care in a grassroots way by changing how we approach the innately spiritual essence of reproductive cycles in women from maiden, to mother, and then to crone.  As we grow this community of sacred birth workers we contribute to expanding the holistic resources available to our communities who are not only welcoming new souls, but also supporting all the stages of honoring the feminine transformations.  Calling back the power of integrating initiatory rites for humans, this work in reclaiming pregnancy and birth as a sacred rites of passage is of prime importance in the healing of the collective and the recognition of the potency of doing transformative work during pregnancy to create a more conscious and self responsible reality for the future generations choosing to be born at this time.
The Elemental Birth Rites Practitioner Training is an online community of 9-12 women who are devoted to embodying the unseen skills needed to guide couples through pregnancy and birth as a sacred rite of passage.

In this online training:

  • We will meet every 2 weeks on a zoom meeting from January through October 2022 to become fluid in the medicine wheel that is presented in the Holistic Pregnancy: Empowered Birth Course
  • We will cover the course content as a means for embodying the work within ourselves to model and guide our clients from a place of vulnerable and authentic compassion.
  • We will weave in a deeper study of identifying the elements which represent 5 essential wounding patterns in ourselves and learn how to ground and transform these unconscious wounds in ourselves to then support this healing for clients.
  • We will fine tune our specific medicine by shining light on our strengths, developing our innate gifts, and clarifying our unique offering in our call to service.
  • This course teaches the skills needed to truly guide clients into their shadows and provide a safe container where they are fully resourced and safe to begin to access where their healing and awakening is needed.
  • You will receive the tools needed to organize yourself as a practitioner of this work along with the added community support of other training practitioners in your cohort.

As a certified midwife practicing home birth midwifery since I began as a student in 2012, I noticed that the educational training and standardization of the art of midwifery had its benefits as well as drawbacks. I am happy to see midwifery care becoming accepted by the general populace as a safe and practical alternative to hospital birth and I am relieved that modern families have more options for choosing individualized care and birthing in the safety of their own environment. I am also convinced that this return to normalizing birthing is a necessary movement away from the fear driven and obscene medicalization of a natural process as age old as human birthing.
However, one massive disappointment I had once I completed my midwifery training was that the emotional and spiritual aspects of the process of pregnancy and birthing were not emphasized and that understanding the medical skills needed to attend women at home safely was only one piece of the puzzle.  After having two miscarriages during my training and early practice,  I recognized the skipped over spiritual potency of pregnancy as a time to prepare for  birth as a powerful and sacred rite of passage that changes women forever. I saw countless women receiving home births and midwifery care but still left feeling disempowered and unprepared for the spiritual event they were facing in their birthing experiences. I saw women reliving trauma through their unexamined childhood wounding during their labors and births. I felt helpless and at the same time inspired to offer more and infuse midwifery care with more in depth self healing, inter-personal transformation and a weaving in of spirits magic through connection to nature, ritual, and intention.
Also, as a person focused on transformation for my own life, I realized the impact of my own wounding on my ability to be present for others. I touched in with many families along my journey and simultaneously saw the implications of unresolved childhood wounding playing out in parenting. To really prepare parents for parenting, we must address the unconscious ways in which parenting creates wounding in ourselves first to prevent unnecessary passing on of intergenerational trauma. We see this in politics and in society now more than ever that uninitiated and wounded distortions from people in power ripple out and affect everyone, and so it is with parents and their children. Imagine this as a macrocosm for family structures as the unresolved wounding ripples out and shapes the child who grows in that environment. In order to create a more harmonious world, we need to each do our work to wake up and make a conscious choice to heal our unhealthy patterns by first identifying them. The pathway to that is by turning and facing the shadows that have been suppressed and repressed by modern society and work to integrate and embrace the wounding that motivates a distorted relationship with reality. These musings inspired the creation of Elemental Birth Rites as a modality and map for guiding parents to use the pressure of the container of pregnancy to make lasting changes in their lives for not only their own wellness but the wellness of the family structure.
Elemental Birth Rites taps into the elements of the natural world, connection to a universal spirit through simple ritual and breath, and self examination as a guide for navigating shadow work. The journey through this medicine wheel offers expecting couples a path to assess the roots of their individual wounding as a means for transformation in preparation for the arrival of a new life. The rituals and exercises suggested in the journey, along with the powerful container offered by the Elemental Birth Rites practitioner creates a healing chrysalis for parents to begin their journey towards wholeness by guiding them to take inventory on their shadows and challenges and giving them tools to take responsibility for their healing and awakening. This training is for midwives, doulas, birth keepers, or any healing arts practitioner who wishes to strengthen their offering and provide solid pathways forward for their clients to feel truly empowered and prepared for the ceremony of birth.
Please reply to this email or contact rachaeljean@elementalbirthrites.com with questions or to discuss enrollment. Visit Elemental Birth Rites to explore our offerings consider joining a free introductory call on the topic of Reclaiming Pregnancy and Birth as a Sacred Initiation where you will meet the team and be able to ask more questions about the training and the work. This call will be offered on the winter solstice December 21st at 3pm EST for all interested in joining, please send an email to receive the zoom link for this call.
Sincerely, The team at Elemental Birth Rites