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Elemental Birth Rites was born from a deep reverence for the 5 elements of nature; Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Ether.  The focus of our passion for treating Birth as a sacred rites of passage centers around using these 5 elements as a guide to better understand ourselves and in learning how to cultivate a more active connection to the natural world.  These elements offer wonderful access points for us to embark on a journey towards a deeper sense of self awareness and to find more balance in our lives.  As we learn to connect to nature as a way to resource ourselves through challenges, we can experience the benefits of returning to our own essence for healing and transformation.   We created this fun 10 question quiz to help you determine which Element would best support you in your journey through Pregnancy and Birth.  Whether you are newly pregnant, nearing your birth ceremony, or already a mother, feel free to take our Support Element Quiz to find out your best matched support element and receive tips on how you can call on this ally for your pregnancy and birth as well as integrate it into your to self care routine as a mother.  We hope you enjoy!

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"When someone asks me for recommendations of things that really helped me in my pregnancy and birth, the first thing I mention is the Elemental Birth Rites journey. I can’t even begin to articulate all of the ways this experience assisted me in my pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. From the first module, I found myself entering such a potent guided exploration of all aspects of the journey ahead. I experienced deep healing through the different modules, working with my own inner child, the mother and father archetypes within and without, and each of the elements. As each module came along, I would notice that my life was serendipitously providing me experiences to work with the material on many levels. "

- Melissa

"Moving through the Elemental Birth Rites journey became a deeply powerful tool for coming to terms with my previous birth and preparing the way for my new child. I believe that I was able to stand by myself in the birthing process (and since), find my voice, and deal with pain differently because of this work. When my labor became intense I was able to use air and sound to shift the pain. When I needed support I was able to connect with (for me) water to relax and have a break. Finding places where I was stuck, raw, or powerful and acknowledging those states, gave me resources to call on. When I was tired and in pain I was able to ask for help, and I was able to be with myself the whole time."

- Morgan

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